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Comments On Alan W. Jankowski


By PoetsAndRhymers 10 Aug, 2013
Hi, Alan.

By mr.ed 07 Jan, 2013
to be or not to be that is the question

By suraj 06 Jan, 2013
how do i copyright my poems

By Zhang 07 Aug, 2012
As I am thinking how to fight back one of the stubborn such a stupid policeman in China, I read this funny but insightful poem,it seems I meet a pillow when I want to sleep, thanks,my friend.You don't mind I take part of the masterpiece to refute that ass, do you?

By Saurabh Raizada 31 May, 2012
Great Work Alan

By Denise Edwards 27 May, 2012
Re;, I always remember you....Your poetry is very beautiful. It touched my heart, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

By christena AV Williams 20 Apr, 2012
You know i am a big fan so my gratitude goes to you another well done poem that landed you in the top 30.congratualtions again.

By Wayne 09 Jan, 2012
Hey Alan.
Just wondering, was I the first to predict your future fame?
Congratulations, you deserve it.

By kateslove 15 Oct, 2011
i read your poems and they inspire me to write more myself. Excellent work you really show your true self through your writing!

By Mojisola 11 Oct, 2011
Thanks Alan, thanks for ur message.

By Gary Blackmon 09 Oct, 2011
Congrads long over due

By Jim Sularz 04 Oct, 2011

Congratulations! A very well deserved win!


Jim Sularz

By Maryanne Jankowski 04 Oct, 2011
Congrats Fella!

By Mojisola 03 Oct, 2011

By Gary Blackmon 03 Oct, 2011
your writings are wounderful. They are words to be put to music. Thank you for sharing.

By keona booker 17 Jul, 2010
my girlfriend told me she was gay was a very funny poem and it was different fron poems that i have read......i really liked it and i enjoyed reading it.......when i read the title i somewhat thought i knew what it would bve about but it was not what i said .....i also loved the way lines seven and eight sound....

By Keona Michelle Booker 08 Jul, 2010
that was a very sweet and soft poem. i really liked it and it was well written.

By Sikandar 04 Jul, 2010
I miss u

By Gary Blackmon 23 Apr, 2010
for real I didn't re the comments. Thank You!what I write are really songs with no music. Thank you again and I realy do like your writings. They are honest and right to the point.

By Gary Blackmon 23 Apr, 2010
I like your stuff. way cool

By franklinmuffin 05 Apr, 2010

By Linda Hancock 02 Jan, 2010
You articulate in such a way that I only wish I could. A truly beautiful experience to read.

By Rose Bryson 15 Nov, 2009
Thank you for the wonderful poem again
(You Can Believe). I love reading it very much because it has a powerful words.

By Frank Morris Jr 28 Oct, 2009
Yor Eyes, great poem.

By Rose 27 Oct, 2009
Thank you for sharing your POEM ( Love Can ). I love reading it because I can feel it.

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